My Sir’s Award..

Pondicherry University,

I Copied the whole content from My Sir’s Original Blog… Those Contents are really written by My Internal Guide
Mr.K.S.Kuppusamy.. Asst. prof, Dept of Comp. Sci., Pondicherry University…

Referernce Blog:
Today (06- 09 – 2010) our university celebrated teachers’ day in an unique way.

They have selected the best 25 teachers of the university (marking the silver jubilee).

The selection has been done on the basis of students’ feedback based on 20 different metrics.

I feel very happy to share this information that I was also in that list of distinguished teachers.

The award was presented by His excellency Lieutenant. Governor of puducherry Dr. Iqbal Singh, today morning.

(Me Receiving the award; In the image: Our Vice Chancellor Padmashri Prof. JAK Tareen, His excellency Dr.Iqbal Singh, Ltn. Governor Puducherry )
More than me getting the award I felt proud to score a place for computer science department in that list.

It was indeed a great honour.

With this event I was happy for one more thing: I realized that there are many happy souls around me who really cherish my success.

In my parents face i saw that caring & affectionate joy;

With my friendly colleagues i saw the true happiness that they felt about.

In my students’ face i saw that pride feeling & support.

I thank almighty for providing me such a constant support in the form of good souls.

At the end-of-the day, I believe if this cherishing is not there your success doesn’t has any meaning.

To conclude, it is my students who add meaning to my life.

PS: In the award recipient’s list I guess I am on the  youngest side. Still a Long Long Long way to go.
Sir… I Really very happy to heard about this…. I Proud to be ur Student Sir…

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