Top 15 Rajini Punch

Superstar Rajinikanth`s USP is not just his style, panache or cache of leading heroines. It`s his punch dialogues that get his fans to burst out into thunderous claps. Here`s the list of Rajni`s greatest punch lines that we never bore of.


En vazhi thani vazhi

Literal translation: My way is a unique way


Naan oru dhadavai sonna, nooru dhadavai sonna madhiri.

Literal translation: If I say it once, it`s equivalent to having said it a 100 times


Andavan solran. Arunachalam seiran.

Literal translation: God commands. I obey.


Naan solrathaiyum seiven, sollathathiyum seiven.

Literal translation: I`ll do what I say. I`ll also do what I don`t say.


Kanna, panni dhan Kootama varum. Singam Singleaa dhaan varum.

Literal translation: Only pigs come in herds. The lion always comes alone


Naan eppo varuven eppadi varuvennu yarukkum theriyathu. Eppo varunumo appo correctaa varuven.

Literal translation: When I`ll come, how I`ll come, nobody knows. But when I need to come, I`ll be there

7.Dharma Durai

Nallavana erukallam annal romba nallavana erukakudathu.

Literal translation: You can be a good person. But you shouldn`t be a very good person


Naan eshwaran illa da, Koteeshwaran

Literal translation: I`m not just God. I`m a rich God.

9. [16 vayathinilae]

Idhu epadi iruku

Literal translation: How is this?

10.Mullum Malarum

Ketta payan sir intha, Kaali.

Literal translation: This Kaali is a bad guy, Sir.

11.Muruttu kaalai


Literal translation: I`ll chop you into pieces


Naan late-aah vanthalum,latest-aah varuven.

Literal translation: Even if I come late, I`ll be the latest.


Kashtapadaama edhuvum kidaikaadhu. Kashtapadaama kedachu ennikum nilaikaadhu.

Literal translation: You`ll gain nothing without hardwork. And even if you do, it won`t last for long

Rajini punch lines


Katham, Katham. Mudinchathu mudinchu pottchu.

Literal translation: Finished. Finished. What`s done is done.

Rajini punch lines


Chumma adhirudhulla.

Literal translation: You`re quaking, aren`t you?


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