Endhiran THE ROBOT

Climax of Endhiran

Cast – Rajinikanth, Aishwarya
Direction – Shankar
Producer – ‘Sun Pictures’ Kalanithi Maran
Music – A.R.Rahman

Robot Rajini Climax Wording:

“I HAVE STARTED TO THINK” ( In Tamil: நான்சிந்திக்க ஆரம்பிச்சிட்டேன்)

Still human only having 6th sense, so only we are dominating other living senses like animals, birds, insects e.t.c., If the Robots invented with feelings like humans, the Seventh Sense Robot will dominate the humans. Its the Core Concept of the Tamil Movie THE ROBOT (Endhiran).

1) First tamil movie need to translate in English,

2) A.R.Rahman all the songs and Background was Suberb.

3) Chitti Robot Rajini was excellent particularly Mayyyyyyyyy… BLACK SHEEP.

2) Last Half an hour movie was awesome..

3) Graphics and Animations are really great compare to other tamil graphics movies..

4) Screen play also moving nicely..

5) First time introduced Computer Terms in Tamil Movie..

1) Its not like Superstar Rajini Movie compare to other films like Sivaji..

2) Sandhanam & Karunas gets worst place..

3) There is this scene where CHITTI(robot) KIDNAPS ASH in a car. And over the bridge chittis car gets hit by two police vehicles and you can clearly see the front side of the car totally damaged in slow motion but in the very next scene the chittis car looks NEW as nothing ever happened..

4) Most of the scenes(including stunts) in the movie reminded about other movies like Terminator, Bicentennial Man, Steel (film), I.robot, hancock and even hellboy.

Isaac asimov’s novel – Bicentennial man(1974)

Sujatha’s novel – En Iniya Iyandhira(1980)

Hollywood movie ‘Bicentennial man'(1999)

Steven Spielberg’s ‘Artificial intelligence'(2001)

Superstar Upendra’s kannada movie ‘Hollywood'(2002)

King of Remake Tamil cinema’s ‘Endhiran'(2010).


Sun pictures have less worry about south, mainly Andhra and Tamilnadu. For north, Sun has ensured no big competition at Robot release time in Hindi. Ranbir’s Anjaana Anjaani will be no direct threat as released on Sept 24th (update: It is postponed to Oct 1st now due to Ayodhya verdict) and Salman’s already super hit Dabanng will be in 4th week on Oct 1. This will help to avoid audience split. Still, one more fear is there. Ayodhya Babar-Masjid verdict is given on Sept 24th. How is the verdict going to be and how people are going to take it will have some effect on cinema goers and promotions on following week?

Here is a quick interesting calculation that must have gone through Kalanithi Maran’s mind when he signs all the cheques. 2250 prints are made for theatres all over the world, according to Sun pictures. Some theatres use same print in two halls in a difference of 30 minutes.There will be 4 shows per day for at least first 3 days (Fri, Sat, Sun). We know that many theatres in Tamilnadu will have 5 or 6 shows per day from early morning.

Average number of seats can be 500. Most of the Indian cinema halls are with over 800 seats while very few halls are with 400 seats. Ticket price for first week in India varies from Rs. 100 to Rs. 500. Overseas ticket price are fixed but money conversion will bring it to Rs. 400 to Rs. 600.

If we pick all conservative numbers and multiply……..

2250 prints x 4 shows x 500 seats x Rs. 150 = 67,50,00,000 = Rs. 67.5 crore per day.
Rs. 67.5 crore x 3 days = Rs. 202.5 Crore.

By looking at this conservative calculation, Sun will recover the cost in just in 3 days. There is no way Sun pictures would have to worry about the money that has been invested. There can be loss and gain with distributors and Theatre owners depending on the deals. Overall, all the numbers show that Endhiran can make a record breaking collection in the history of Indian cinema. It is only less than two weeks to confirm it.

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