Saint Sri Thiruvalluvar

Thirukkural is the masterpiece of Tamil literature with the highest and purest expressions of human thought.  It is written in the form of couplets (two line poems) expounding various aspects of life. It contains 1330 couplets, divided into 133 chapters of 10 couplets each.

Thirukkural has three major parts. The first part deals with Aram (Virtue), the moral value of human life. It has 38 chapters. The second part is on Porul (Wealth), the socio economic values of men in a civilized society. It has 70 chapters. The third part is on Kamam or Inbam (Love), the psychological values of life. It has 25 chapters.

Thirukkural was written by Thiruvalluvar, who is believed to have born 30 years before Jesus Christ. The Tamil Calendar is dated from that period and referred as Thiruvalluvar Aandu (Year). We find Thiruvalluvar as a moral philosopher, political scientist and master of public administration in the first two parts of Thirukkural. We find him to be a creative artist in the third part, depicting the fascinating aspects of lovers.

Thirukkural’s immortality and universality are unquestionable. Its ethics and values are applicable to all religions, countries and time. It has been translated in over 60 languages of the world.

Some of the Golden Quotes of Thiruvalluvar:

  • To say unpleasant things, when we have nice ones,is like eating unripe fruit, ignoring sweet ripe fruits.
  • Learn thoroughly whatever is to be learnt;Then, let the conduct be worthy of his learning.
  • The deeper you dig, greater the spring; The more you learn, greater the knowledge.
  • Friendship is not just a smile on the face;It is what is felt deep within a smiling heart.
  • Agriculturists are the linchpin of the mankind since they support all others who cannot till the soil.
  • The learned teacher makes you enjoy learning; On leaving, makes you to keep thinking of his teaching.
  • Determined efforts result in prosperity; Idleness will bring nothing.

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